Thursday, September 11, 2008

About the UFJC / UFJCについて

Inspired by the Unofficial Football World Championships, I have compiled a history of the Unofficial J. League Championship similarly titled the "Unofficial Football Japanese Championships".

The rules of the championship state is that whoever beats the champion in a sanctioned match will, similar to boxing and other fighting sports, hold the title of soccer champion in Japan.

Included matches will only be made up of J. League matches in the first and second division and JFA sanctioned cup matches (J. League Cup matches, Super Cups, and Emperor's Cup matches). International matches, friendlies, and exhibition matches will not be counted.

The key differences between the UFJC and the better-known Unofficial Football World Championships are that friendly matches are not counted, and that the line of champions does not start with the first J. League match but rather with the first title winner.

A win is a win and those games won on extra time or golden goal rules will not explicitly mention that fact. PK shootout wins will be listed to explain the tied scoreline. Of course, in a draw, the champion retains the title.

The original posts containing the entire list of champions and the number of title reigns will be constantly updated and available by link on the front page.


Unofficial Football World Championshipsをベースにして、J.リーグ王の外史を作っています。このタイトルは、「Unofficial Football Japanese Championships」(UFJC杯)です。




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