Thursday, September 11, 2008

Number of Reigns as Champion of the UFJC and Miscellaneous Notes / UFJC王の数と他の点

Here is a list of all former UFJC title holders, sorted by the number of title reigns.


26 reigns:
-Kashima Antlers

23 reigns:
-Jubilo Iwata

18 reigns:
-Tokyo Verdy (formerly as Verdy Kawasaki, Tokyo Verdy 1969)

17 reigns:
-Shimizu S-Pulse

16 reigns:
-Sanfrecce Hiroshima
-Gamba Osaka

15 reigns:
-JEF United Ichihara Chiba (formerly as JEF United Ichihara)
-Urawa Reds
-Yokohama F. Marinos (formerly as Yokohama Marinos)

14 reigns:
-Nagoya Grampus (formerly as Nagoya Grampus Eight)

13 reigns:
-Kashiwa Reysol
-Kyoto Sanga FC (formerly as Kyoto Purple Sanga)

12 reigns:
-Cerezo Osaka

10 reigns:
-Shonan Bellmare (formerly as Bellmare Hiratsuka)
-FC Tokyo (formerly as Tokyo Gas FC)
-Yokohama Flugels (disbanded)

8 reigns:
-Albirex Niigata

5 reigns:
-Kawasaki Frontale
-Ventforet Kofu
-Omiya Ardija

4 reigns:
-Avispa Fukuoka
-Vissel Kobe
-Oita Trinita

3 reigns:
-Mito HollyHock
-Consadole Sapporo
-Tochigi SC-Yokohama FC

2 reigns:
-Ehime FC
-Fagiano Okayama (current)
-Roasso Kumamoto-Thespa Kusatsu
-Vegalta Sendai
-Tokushima Vortis (formerly as Otsuka Seiyaku FC)
-Montedio Yamagata

1 reign:
-FC Gifu
-Giravanz Kitakyushu
-FC Machida Zelvia
-Matsumoto Yamaga FC
-Sagan Tosu
-Kataller Toyama


Notes on Succession and Legacy:

-To date, Gainare Tottori is the only J. League team that has yet to hold the Unofficial Football Japanese Championships title.
-All teams to hold the title have been either J. League teams, former J. League teams, or future J. League teams, but each year there is a chance for non-league clubs to take the title in the Emperor's Cup. FC Tokyo and Tokushima Vortis first took the title before entering the professional ranks.
-Unless the title holder is a part of promotion or relegation between seasons, the Emperor's Cup is also the only avenue that the UFJC title can use to move between the J1 and J2 divisions. Only teams in that particular division have the chance to take the title at other times.
-In the incredibly unlikely event that a J2 team competes in the AFC Champions League and is facing a Japanese side, this would constitute a UFJC title defense should one team have the title. In this situation as well the title can transfer between leagues.
-In the incredibly unlikely event that a non-league team wins the Emperor's Cup and the Super Cup and does not turn professional, and then that team remains unbeaten by a Japanese team in the ACL, the UFJC title will be held by that team until the following Emperor's Cup, when even prefecture qualifiers will be considered title matches. The same will hold true should a J.League side for any reason join a league outside J.League. This will ensure succession.
-Should any team disband while holding the title or otherwise be known to be unable to defend it for a period greater than six months, the title will be taken by an acquiring club or official (not spiritual) successor club and treated as a new reign from the date of the last defense.
-Should a team disband and there be no successor club, the team in top standing in the top division will be granted the title.
-Should the J. League be modified or absorbed into a different league, the UFJC title will be defended in that league under the same rules, and with an appropriate name change if the league includes teams outside Japan. (For example, if there should be a full J. League and K-League merger the title would be renamed the Unofficial Football Japanese-Korean Championships title.)
-If, for any reason, the title can never again be defended, the team that has historically held the title the most times will be historically considered the permanent Unofficial Football Japanese Champion.


-J.リーグは他のリーグと合併したら、UFJC杯はネーム変化だけで同じルールと歴史で続きます。(例えば、J.リーグとK-リーグは合併したら、タイトルは「Unofficial Football Japanese-Korean Championships杯」を呼んで続きます。)
-タイトルマッチはずっと出来ないとなりましたら、1994年からより多くUFJCを取ったチームは「Unofficial Football Japanese Champion」となります。

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